Shandong Huapai Group Co., Ltd.
Chairman Profile

Chairman Profile

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Mr. Yang Qinghua (President, general manager)

He was born in 1963 in a village of Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China, and in 1981, he is admitted by the Shandong Textile Industry School. In 1983, he was assigned to the 2nd Cotton Textile Factory of Zaozhuang (State-owned enterprise) as the technician. In 1987, he was appointed as the factory director in Zaozhuang Shizhong Cotton Textile Factory. During this period, he was appointed to Qingdao University to study 'economic management', after graduation, he was appointed as the factory director of the branch in Zaozhuang the 6th Cotton Textile Factory. With the wave of reform and open up, in 1996, Mr. Yang Qinghua raised more than 100,000 Yuan RMB and established a small-sized knitted clothing enterprise, under his leadership and the effort of the employees, the factory is now transformed into Shandong Huapai Group Co., Ltd.. The enterprise has made great contribution to the society and it is recognized by all circles of the society. He has ever selected as the 'Deputy to the People's Congress' of Zaozhuang City, 'Model Worker of Zaozhuang City', 'Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Zaozhuang City', 'Excellent Private Entrepreneur of Zaozhuang City' and other honors. He has ever awarded as 'Constructer of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics' and 'May Fourth Labour Medal' by the municipal party committee and municipal government, and awarded the 'Shandong Glory Medal' by Shandong Provincial Party Committee.


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